About Us

The CM srl was founded in 1981 is a company based in Italy that has been operating in the two-wheeler sector for over thirty years.
In her experiences she has often encountered the main problem that afflicts scooter and motorcyclists all over the world: “THE THEFT”.

From this need in 2006, thanks to the innovative ideas of Ernesto Capuano , a completely original new anti-theft system is patented which blocks the vehicle stand: the “PUSH & BLOCK”.

The Push & Block is:

a product completely designed and produced in Italy with the collaboration of Italian companies, leaders in their respective sectors;

assembled by hand respecting the highest standards of safety and quality.


The elements that distinguish our business are:

the continuous search for quality and satisfaction of the customer's needs ;

the enhancement of the direct relationship with the end user;

the continuous strengthening of the commercial organization that guarantees global coverage of the entire national and international territory.

Our company has always cared about THE SAFETY OF YOUR VEHICLE.
The Push & Block product is now produced and distributed by Capobranco Project SRL