H09 – HONDA SH 125/150 ie ABS from 2020 and FORZA 125 from 2022

Push&Block Mechanical STAND LOCK anti-theft code H09

Installable on
HONDA SH 125/150ie ABS from 2020
HONDA Forza 125 from 2022

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    it is the only patented mechanical anti-theft device that secures your vehicle by locking the stand with a single movement.
    It is the most robust and sophisticated mechanical anti-theft device for motorbikes, practically invisible because it is integrated into the central stand. Impossible to force or tamper with. The strong point of P&B, beyond its safety, is the simplicity of its insertion. In fact, when activating the central stand it will be easy to press the lock with your foot and immobilize the motorcycle.
    it has double safety, it allows the vehicle to be parked downhill without any risk of accidental falling, if you forget it inserted while starting off it does not cause falls and damage, since the vehicle, having the wheel raised, cannot move.
    It can be mounted on your vehicle in just 10 minutes. Purchase it on the official website and contact your trusted mechanic for installation.

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Click here to download the H09 assembly instructions

Click here to download the assembly instructions H09 WITH WELDED AXLE


H09 spare parts sheet

Spare parts sheet H09 WITH WELDED AXLE

Be wary of imitations, the only original tripod lock is Push&Block.